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Soul Retrivals

   Soul Retrieval is a method of Healing!

When a person suffers from a physical or psycological trauma an aspect of the persons vital essence can leave the body to find a safe

haven in nonordinary reality. Soul Loss is a natural survival mechanism to protect us from experiencing the full impact of a trauma. However, if the disassociated part does not return, a host of emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments may develop.

Soul Retrievals have been performed by Shamans for thousands of years, which can take days to finish.  But with Wiccan ways, completion only takes 60 minutes. Either in person (only if live in Northern Wisconsin) or by Skype. Very healing and profound. You'll feel more balanced and grounded to help in your daily life.

If Interested Contact per email for instructions:               


 Common Causes of Soul Loss

       *Addictions, neglect, abandonment

         *Abuse of all kinds, violence, divorce

         *Illness, surgery, loss of a loved one

         *Accidents, PSTD, bad relationships

Common Signs

         *Loss of joy, depression, illnesses

         *Accident prone, memory gaps

         *Feeling incomplete, something missing, a void

         *Panic attacks, feeling different   

 Cost- $50