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Himalayan Sole' can supply the body with the 

combined energy of +84 essential ionized minerals

found in the brine solution, improving well-being

and health.

DO NOT SHAKE BEFORE USE! Use clear solution.

2-4 dropperfuls in water before breakfast.

There is enough of the Himalyan salt crystals in the 

bottle to refill at least a couple of times, SO WHAT A


*To keep the Sole' saturated refill with distilled water

and shake and let set for 12 hours for solution to be-

come saturated to the medicinal level then able to use. 

Can refill with distilled water as long as the salt crystals 

are visible, as long as you can see them it means it is to

the saturated point.


2 ounce glass bottle with dropper     $10/bottle


Himalayan Crystals

Distilled water